Reprints of 19th Century Art Photographs from the DeenDayal Archives


Whether you are embellishing the ambience of an interior space, writing a book or article, researching 19th century history & culture, restoring a monument, commerorating historic events or simply want to own an authentic image of the world renowned artist photographer, please contact us.

Print sizes (in inches)


Each Archival Quality Print can come with

  1. B/W or Sepia Tone.
  2. Premium quality 1.5-2.0mm thick bevel edge Mounting.
  3. Calligraphy on mount giving accurate details of the DeenDayal image.
  4. 2” to 5” thick Wooden Frames with glass. Non-reflective glass costs extra – Only Hyderabad & Mumbai Deliveries.
☆Prices available on request
  • Please email or call in with the Neg. No., thumbnail/description of image, above customization requirements and purpose of usage, we will send you the quote.
  • Allow 7-10 Working days for order processing and delivery.
  • Delivery charges as per actuals.

Books and Stamps available on order

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Shalini Deen Dayal