Prabas Chand
(Youngest great grandson of Lala Deen Dayal)

Amichand & Prabas Chand in the Deen Dayal
Studio –Taken in 1978 by Derry Moore a
well known British Photographer

The photographic studio "Foto Crafts" was started in 1959 by Prabas Chand the youngest great grandson of Lala Deen Dayal. It was situated in the prominent commercial locality of Abids, Hyderabad.

Prabas Chand was an energetic, polite and charming gentleman. A talented photographer in his own right, he was widely respected in the Hyderabad circles and much sought after by them as the photographer of choice for capturing their most important moments.

Prabas was adept at the art of his ancestors and an expert in using a wide range of photographic equipment ranging from the 10x12 field cameras, the large format Rolleiflex & Hasselblad and the latter day Pentax & Nikon SLRs.

His camera captured important events in the evolving Hyderabad landscape including the funeral procession of the VII Nizam, the coronation of the VIII Nizam, and the cultural, industrial and corporate life of Hyderabad’s institutions. With the advent of advertising photography he excelled in Kodak Ektachrome medium (common referred to as slides or transparencies). His portraits had an amazing quality – his eye and lens coaxed out the hidden qualities of the human visage – even the most camera reticent people often remarked it was the best side of their personal.

Role Reversal!
The great grand son of Nizam, Rafat Jah takes a picture of great grand son of Deen Dayal in the Foto Crafts Studio
Period Portrait
taken in current Studio
Taj Mahal Captured by Prabas Chand in 1982

Taj Mahal Captured by Prabas Chand in 1982
Taj Mahal Captured by Prabas Chand in 1982

Mecca Masjid

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